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Afterpulse Mod Apk Elite Army is a multiplayer action shooter game published by Digital Legends Entertainment Sl. Afterpulse provides android users with a whole console experience on their android smartphones. In this warfare shooter game, we have to play the role of an elite soldier and fight with our team in tactical battles.

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What is Afterpulse Mod Apk?

We must survive the dangers by creating different helpful strategies and equipping the character with the best possible weapons and armory. With easy and customizable controls, it is much more fun. It has been made to use the mobile gaming platform as a console and eliminate any difference.

It has ultra-realistic excellent graphics, making it much more fun to play. With over twelve million players, this game is the best third-person war shooter game. Download this game on your device, become an elite soldier, and prove your capabilities.

There are three modes in the PvP game mode: deathmatch, team deathmatch, and back-to-back. In these modes, the player gets to fight other players online. The player needs weapons and armor to survive dangerous missions. Also, there are massive varieties of weapons and armory, so it may not be easy to select the perfect gear. It may take time, but you will get used to it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Variety of Weapons:

 In this game, a player can choose weapons from a wide range of over 8 hundred weapons, selecting the perfect combination of firearms might be challenging.

Great graphics: 

This game has been developed with fascinating graphics and is equipped with cutting-edge graphics, making it super enjoyable.

Good User Interface: It has a decent graphical user interface that allows users to combat easily.


High specification:

 This game cannot be run on low-tech smartphones, but some particular system requirements exist.

Too simple: Some professional gamers may find this game too simple. Because they have played games with higher complications, users new to this genre won’t see this as an issue.

Lag: After checking plenty of reviews by users who have played this game, it appears that it may lag several times. If you have a high-tech phone, you shouldn’t worry.


There is plenty of customization available for the gears, such as; helmets, armor, weapons, and other advanced devices. Players love this because they can spend hours just customizing their pieces of equipment.

12 Hundred Different Weapons

There are 12 hundred different weapons to choose from. You can improve them, evolve them and combine them. Make those weapons as deadly as you can.

Practice Mode

This game offers a practice mode where players can train themselves, learn new moves and learn more about weapons. Then, they can learn about how to use a particular weapon.

Multiplayer Combat

Try the multilayer action third-person shooter death match. Fight your friends and other players online. It has different multiplayer modes which you can try and have fun with.

Fully Customizable Touchscreen Controls

Keeping in mind the complications of mobile gaming, the controls made for this game are fully customizable, so players can move across the battlefield in their way.

Battleground Locations

There are different war battleground locations, and you require a different strategy for every battleground location. This game is not as easy as it looks.

Different Perspective

It allows you to battle in the third person, which makes it more demanding because it is unique. It is not like any first-person shooter game.

Realistic Graphics

The cutting edge physically based graphics make it look awesome. It is the most wanted MMORPG game and gives the user an experience of playing on a console.

Choose Proper Gear

You have to choose the perfect gear of weapons for missions according to their damage, rate of fire, accuracy, ammo, or reload.

Battle Style

Choose your battle style from styles such as; Handgun, Shotgun, Assault, S.M.G., L.M.G., Sniper, and Rockets. Preferably, the sniper-style is the best one.


The urban environment is photorealistic; imagine having an entire shooting battle in realistic graphics.

How to install Afterpulse Mod Apk

  • First, download the Apk file from our website.
  • Wait for the download to be completed; now install the apk on your device. You may have to allow installation from unknown sources if you haven’t already.
  • Once it is installed, do not open.
  • Now download the cache file from our website.
  • Find the cache folder in your download folder and copy it.
  • Paste it into S.D./Android/O.B.B. directory. A file manager app might come in handy.
  • Run the application. If it doesn’t work correctly, you may have done something wrong.
  • If your game runs okay, congratulations, you have installed the game properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Can you play afterpulse offline?

Answer: Yes! You can play this game offline but with A.I. (B.O.T.s). You can level up, but you cannot buy stuff.

How to get veteran weapons?

Answer: Players could obtain a 4-star veteran weapon for every 28th day (month) they logged in. You have to log in daily.

How to play afterpulse with friends?

Answer: There are some multiplayer modes available in the game which you can use to play with your friends.

How to evolve?

Answer: Simple! Once you have a fully leveled-up weapon, you can evolve it.

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