Death Road to Canada Mod apk v1.7.2 [Unlimited Money / Free Shopping]

Your worst nightmare is upon you, and all you can do is try your best to survive; Death Road to Canada Mod APK is a world-renowned survival game that has taken the gaming market by storm. In this game, zombies have taken over the virtual world; now, it is all about survival of the fittest.

Think of it this way, horrible brain-eating zombies are ready to rip you and a group of individuals apart, and all you can do to help is drive as fast as possible to get away from their horrors. You will start your route in Florida and must go to cold Canada.

Get ready for the most thrilling adventure of your life when you download Death Road to Canada Mod APK because terror-filled dangers will be ready to welcome you.

This will be a do-or-die situation in which your primary goal must be to defeat the zombies to live, you will not be alone on this adventure, and you will be a team of heroic people with many unique abilities and weapons to help! So many gamers have played the pixel adventure game. It is noted to be one of the all-time best survival adventure games that have been developed, so jump into the horrors of this epidemic-filled world and try to survive the wrath of the zombies.

App nameDeath Road to Canada Mod apk
Publisher nameNoodlecake
App size84 MB
Get it onGoogle-Play-Icon-by-apkhusband

Advantages + Disadvantages


An exciting and unique storyline

The 2D graphics used in this game are incredibly high quality, making this game feel like a real-life experience.

Real Canadians write jokes.

The game is entirely free, and you will not have to spend a single penny out of your pocket to play Death Road to Canada Mod APK

This game supports all software such as Android, iOS, and many more

Power saving feature

Simple interface

This game does not require an active internet connection; you can play it offline



Death Road to Canada Mod APK has ads in the game, so there will be pop-up ads while you play this game



Unique Gameplay/ Storyline

In this game, rather than relying on humans to save you, you will convert your entire team into loyal dogs who will help you throughout this fantastic adventurous game. Get ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Deadly Combination of Weapons

Equip yourself with dangerous and lethal weapons to fight off the zombies, and these deadly weapons include flamethrowers with which you can burn the zombies down to the ground, battle axes, hockey sticks to knock out the vicious evils, boomerangs, and so much more.

Events + Awards

There are many special events within Death Road to Canada Mod APK; in these events, you will be completing various tasks like having people eaten by monsters and more; these tasks are fun and thrilling. Not only that, but if you are part of an event and win the lessons, you will be awarded various prizes to help you fight the zombies and continue your journey to Canada.

Challenging Missions/ Quests

Along the way, you will be welcomed with many challenging missions you must complete to reach your destination, so you better be prepared because these quests will not be easy.

Character Maker

Make your characters, design them, and give them special abilities to help you on your journey to Canada; they should be entertaining so that your car ride is not boring.

Authentic Canadian Jokes

The developers of this fantastic game have incorporated authentic Canadian jokes into the game to make the gameplay exciting and entertaining. Real-life Canadians have written all the tricks, so you are in for a laugh.

User- Friendly

Death Road to Canada Mod APK is extremely user-friendly; the game has been designed so that a lot of practice and skill is not needed to play it. Even a noob or someone new to the gaming world can use this application and experience this highly addictive game.

Unlimited Coins

Death Road to Canada Mod APK allows you to access unlimited coins, and you will not have to worry about money or anything in this game because of your unlimited coins, which you can use to get more skills, dogs, weapons, and so much more.

Make a good team

In Death Road to Canada, one of the most important aspects to pay attention to is your interactions with other characters. Throughout the game, you’ll come across various dialogues, and choosing the best responses is up to you. Sometimes, you may find characters who wish to join you on your journey to the safe zone. The more people you have with you, the better your chance of surviving. Therefore, you must try to increase your group size whenever possible.

When you’re under pressure, it’s important to have teammates you can rely on to help lighten the load. For example, if you’re constantly attacking zombies, you’ll notice that your character’s face starts to turn red. To prevent this from happening, try changing leaders – in other words, control another character who can help the first one return to normal.

How to Install Death Road to Canada Mod APK

  • Step 1 Uninstall any version of Death Road to Canada Mod APK that you have previously downloaded to your device.
  • Step 2 Click on the downloadable link for Death Road to Canada Mod APK
  • Step 3 Once you click the link, you will receive a confirmation message regarding permission to download Death Road to Canada Mod APK; click “Yes”
  • Step 4 After downloading the file, move it to your smartphone and install it. (If you initially downloaded the file on your mobile device, install it directly.)
  • Step 5 Upon installation, you will receive another confirmation message regarding permission to install Death Road to Canada Mod APK; click “yes” and continue.
  • Step 6 To launch the game called Death Road to Canada Mod APK, first move the .obb file according to the following manner “Sdcard/Android/Obb” if by any chance your device does not contain an sd card, then follow the following process “Android/ Obb”
  • Step 7 Click on the application and launch Death Road to Canada Mod APK.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I download Death Road to Canada Mod APK from the Google Play Store?

No, you cannot. This is a modified version, so all the features in this version will not be available.

What do I have to do in Death Road to Canada Mod APK?

You will embark on a thrilling journey to Canada; on the way, and you must fight off evil zombies and survive

What is the airhorn weapon in Death Road to Canada Mod APK?

It is a weapon that distracts zombies with booming sounds so they do not eat your brains.

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