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Bleach Brave Souls mod apk is a mobile game based on the famous series of Manga – Bleach. The game uses the Shinigami theme, about a man on a mission to free his family from the wrath of spirits. This main character can see and talk to ghosts which gives him the power to solve the mystery and fight the ghouls. Your mission in this game is to kill all the ghosts that come your way to get to the one spirit that holds your family.

Bleach Brave souls allow you to unlock many new weapons and attacks that help you get through the game. You can increase your strength by forming a team of available characters or merging them to create a new and more decisive character.

The game allows you to relive some of the incredible action from the series and takes you through a series of emotions, e.g. when the main character Ichigo meets up with his friend and gets the power of the reaper and many more.

App nameBleach Brave Souls mod apk
GenreAction,Role playing
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The series follows the story of Kurosaki Ichigo, a young man who can see spirits. His life is forever changed after encountering Kuchiki Rukia, a Shinigami (a person who guides souls between the human world and the afterlife) who is hunting down a Hollow (dangerously wandering souls). Together, they work to protect people from these Hollows.

When she was injured protecting Ichigo, Rukia transferred half of her reiatsu to him so he could defeat the Hollow. Her diminished power trapped her here, and Ichigo is now in charge of her task to destroy Hollows and guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife known as the Soul Society.

BLEACH Brave Souls brings the iconic story of the Bleach manga to life in an all-new way. When you play the game, you’ll get to experience the level for yourself, rather than just watching or reading it. You’ll become a part of the Bleach story, and you’ll get to shape how it unfolds.


BLEACH Brave Souls is an adaptation game that Klab developed. It is an ARPG-style game that will be familiar to those who have played Honkai Impact 3rd, Punishing Gray Raven or Marvel Future Fight. The difference is that BLEACH Brave Souls has both PVE and PVP systems. In addition to playing according to the storyline, chapters, and events, you can fight other players in PVP mode.

The controls are also straightforward. The only tricky thing here is the combo. You will use the touch joystick button on the left side of the screen to move your character and attack buttons on the left. Your character can unleash basic attacks by pressing the “punch” button on the right side of the screen. Around that button are skills that your character can use. Creating your combos to optimize the damage you deal is essential to making it easier for you to kill enemies.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bleach Brave souls mod apk



The game is free of cost; however, the phrase “free of cost” instils doubts in many people, but the standard of this game does not let you down.


The game uses 3-D graphics, which allows the use of different styles. The 3-D graphics also make the game look real, thus making the overall experience better.

Control mechanism:

The control mechanisms are easy to understand and familiarized with RPGs. Navigating to the left with a joystick and with about four skills and AA keys to the right is enabled by the MFi simulation control.


The game is continuously updated, and the bugs are fixed.


Automated PVP:

Most people do not like the PVP. They believe that it can be made more fun and enjoyable. The PVP also randomly makes choices even if it is to your disadvantage.

Repetitive gameplay:

The action is repeated repeatedly, taking the value away from the game.

Features of Bleach Brave souls mod apk

3 D Graphics

The game uses 3D graphics, which bring all the characters to life, making your game experience much better.

Multiple characters

BLEACH Brave Souls offers fans of the Bleach manga a chance to take control of their favourite characters in an all-new adventure. The story stays faithful to the original material and will instantly be familiar to anyone who reads the manga. You’ll start the game as Ichigo, a 2-star character, but after completing the tutorial, you’ll unlock a 5-star companion. The available characters are Inoue Orihime, Zaraki Kenpachi, Shihouin Yoruichi, Kuchiki Byakuya, and Soi Fong.

In your collection of characters, you can create a team of three to participate in completing storylines and events. The characters will have connections, so you should form a group of members that can activate the link to increase the squad’s strength. It’s also a good idea to try and collect five-star characters by using Spirit Orbs to open random character packs.

Automated PVP and co-op

The game allows you to play with 4 characters simultaneously by forming a team. Now you can use all of their powers to fight the ghosts.

Various levels

You can unlock the different levels as you go through the game; each group comes with a new difficulty. The story of hardship also increases as the levels increase.

Relive the story

The game allows you to relive the story of the series in high quality through this game.

Mod Features

The following are some of the mod features for Bleach Brave souls.

The game includes a Mod menu.

The Movespeed if four times more

No skill cool down

The game consists of God Mode, which can be accessed using the keys Solo + co-op + Epic Raid.

There are unlimited skill soul bombs.

There is also a one-hit kill mode which can be accessed using the keys solo + co-op + Epic Raid.

Bleach Brave Souls Mod Apk SPECIFICATIONS

How to install bleach brave souls?

To install the game, first install the mod.

Continue to install cache obb if it is still available

Play the game

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. How to get Hogyoku results in Bleach Brave Souls?

Ans: To get the will, first max your characters by using the option of strengthening – upgrading the soul tree – level up the surface to the max. You will receive three new hogyoku wills once you have maxed your character. These rare wills can also be found in rare drops in five-star raids. You can also get the hookup wills by completing the 30 daily orders within a week. Another way you can get 1 hogyoku choice is by levelling up one of the old characters to level 200 for the first time, although this might not be very reliable.

Q2. How to get 6 stars in bleach brave soul?

Ans: Refer to the following checklist together to the 6-star level.

It would be best if you had a five-star character that can be evolved into a 6-star character.

Enough crystals and coins to level up your 5-star soul tree

It would be best if you had enough hogyoku to ensure your character can upgrade from 5 to 6 stars. This is different for every character.

Enough jewels and coins to upgrade your 6-star soul’s tree

There are specific 5-star characters that you should have to unlock skills on your six-star soul tree.

Q3. Is bleach brave souls available offline as well?

Ans: No, the game is not available offline as it would be too easy to cheat if it was available offline.

Q4. How to stop the draining of my battery when playing bleach brave souls?

Ans: The game can cause your device to lose a lot of battery even if it is charging alongside. To avoid this issue go to settings and turn off the smooth mode in options.

Q5. What to do with my five-star dupes?

Ans: You can use it as a link if the character has a good connection. You can also improve the special moves and upgrade your original character by feeding it the link.


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