Aim Carrom Mod Apk [Premium Unlocked/All]

Aim Carrom Mod Apk latest version is an advanced tool for the carrom pool that helps you pot any difficult puck and win all matches in the carrom pool, working on all tables. This makes you an ultra pro carrom player.

App NameAim Carrom Mod Apk
Publisher Nametangbei0727
Size16 MB
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About aim carrom mod apk

Aim Carrom Mod Apk is the perfect tool for mastering the game. With its ability to calculate the exact size and angle, you’ll be able to make shots that seem impossible – not just explicit images but also bank and kick shots.

Aim Carrom Mod Apk is a multiplayer game where players take turns shooting discs into a hole to score points and determine the winner. There is a campaign mode that can be played both online and offline – so if you don’t have internet access, you can still enjoy the game with friends, or if you do have access, you can play against other users from around the world.

This app provides the best line of sight, so you can always see where the ball is going. This gives you a better chance of winning than playing without it. So you can plan your shots and win.

No matter your level of expertise with caramel, AimBest can help. The long ball track acts as a magical eye if the angles and sizes are calculated correctly. With the magic regard of “AimBest,” it is easy to take good and accurate pictures not only of straight shots but also of bank and foot shots. Below are some features of AimBest that can help you take your photography game to the next level.

When you first play, you’ll find a long guide. AimBest only works in parking lots and uses AI image recognition to ensure safety. Use it to improve your game and take advantage of its benefits.

Features of Aim Carrom Mod Apk

Auto lengthen

The new striker lengthening feature allows you to adjust the length of your striker depending on what type of shot you’re taking. This way, you’re guaranteed to make the most accurate picture possible every time.

Realtime Multiplayer

You can now play against your friends and family in real-time multiplayer mode. You can also join online tournaments and compete with players from all around the world. You can show off your carrom skills and earn bragging rights.


Time Freeze and AI shots are just some of the amazing power-ups you can buy via in-app purchases ($1.99 – $29.99 per item) to help improve your aim and accuracy. These power-ups are critical to giving yourself a competitive edge while playing.

Safe and secure

Carrom is a secure and safe game to play. It doesn’t have any harmful content that could put your device at risk. The app is regularly updated to be compatible with the latest Android versions.

Simple UI

The controls for this game are designed to be easy for anyone to learn and master, regardless of prior experience. Tapping the screen is all required to make a strike, so even beginners can enjoy playing the game without feeling frustrated.

Amazing graphics

The graphics in Carrom 3D are of the highest quality and look amazing on all devices. The pictures will always look great no matter what size screen you’re playing on. You’ll see all the carrom men and the board in great detail.

Realistic sound effects

The sound effects are realistic and help to create the feeling that you are playing the game. You will hear the striker hit the carrom men and the sound falling into their pockets. The authentic sound effects add to the immersion and make you feel like you’re playing the game.

Extended ball view

If you’re a fan of carrom, you know that it takes quite a bit of skill and practice to win the game. You’ll be up against some pretty good players in today’s match. What makes the game so difficult is that it’s hard to predict where the ball will go until you’ve had some practice.


If you want to take advantage of our VIP Plan, you’ll need to download and set up our Ball Pool Reward payment app from the play store. Once set up, it will automatically fetch your play store payment details so you can pay using a Redeem Code.

Premium Autoplay features

Aim Carrom Mod Apk is planning to launch its fully advanced robotic Autoplay system soon. With this system, you can automatically post every puck and win almost every game. This feature is currently in testing mode, but once it passes all the required tests, it will be released publicly.

Adjust the striker size

This game allows you to easily adjust the size and length of the striker, making it more fun and challenging for players of all skill levels.

Advantages and disadvantages of Aim Carrom Mod Apk


  • You can find any version of the application you need on a third-party website. You can download whatever you require with app archives of most versions available.
  • Like the Play Store, downloading from is instant – you don’t have to wait for the review process, etc.
  • After downloading an APK file, it is stored on your memory card or system memory. This means you can uninstall and reinstall them as often as possible without redownloading them each time.


  • Apps downloaded from third-party sources are not usually checked or vetted by Google. This means that they could be harmful to your phone and cause potential harm to your device if you’re not careful.
  • APK files may contain viruses that have the potential to steal your data or damage your phone. When downloading APK files, it is important only to download them from trusted sources to minimize the risk of infecting your device.
  • Your apps won’t automatically update because they usually don’t have access to the Google Play Store. If you want your apps to update automatically, you’ll need to change a few settings on your device.


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