Driving Academy India 3d Mod Apk [Unlimited Money]

Driving Academy India 3D mod apk is a car driving game categorized as racing on the Play Store. The game has around 10 million players across the globe. This modified app has unlimited money, coins, and all cars unlocked. With DriAcademy India 3D, you carve your driving and parking skills on Indian roads. Experience the car simulator game and follow the road signs, wear the seat belt, follow the traffic signals, and don’t take wrong turns. If you want to become a perfect driver, this app is the best choice.

App NameDriving Academy India 3d Mod Apk
Publisher NameGames2win.com
Size70 MB
Get it onGoogle-Play-Icon-by-apkhusband

Game Overview

The latest version of 3d car driving mod apk simulates the real world by incorporating full-featured driving sessions, five games, challenges, and real-life car signs. It’s an all-in-one solution for driving education and practice that will save you hours of time and money. The game is available for Android and iOS.

The simulator also offers short courses to help you improve your driving skills. There are courses for both beginners and experienced drivers. You can also try out demo sessions of the different driving games to see which ones work the best for you. If you have any trouble, you can always go through the demo sessions first, and if you don’t like them, you can always purchase them afterward. Once you’ve downloaded the simulator, you’ll be able to use the game immediately.

This simulator is a great way to learn the basics of driving without worrying about damaging a real car. You’ll be able to see how each vehicle goes and understand its capabilities by playing around with them in the simulator. Plus, it’s free to download for PC, so you can play as much as you want without paying anything. You’ll find a new favorite car every day! You can also learn how to drive a motorcycle and experience a lifetime.

By investing in a standalone driving simulator, you’ll get everything you need to get started in one complete package. This includes the base game software, various software components, and access to qualified instructors who can help make your training sessions fun and engaging. You’ll be able to train the next generation of drivers in no time.

Features of Driving Academy India 3d Mod Apk

Academy mode

In the academy mode, you can learn about 45+ Indian road signs to be prepared for your driving test.

25 plus levels

Drive under the stars and immerse yourself in the 25+ levels of our night driving mode.

Test your skills

Test and improve your driving skills by completing 25 fun and unique challenges.

Earn coins

Earn coins by driving in free-drive mode! There is a lot of cash to collect from many levels you can gain from moving around in a free-play manner. But you can also earn extra coins! The more coins you order, the more points you’ll get for the upgrades and car parts you can buy for your car. The more you keep playing, the faster your vehicle will become, and you’ll be able to complete levels and gain more coins faster.

Different camera angles

Driving Academy India 3d Mod Apk app has three viewing modes: normal, panoramic, and 360-degree. You can easily switch between these modes without any additional effort. A 360-degree panoramic view will allow you to picture yourself in the landscape so you can better decide what to add to your picture after you’ve taken it. This can also help you in your quest to become a better photographer, as it will better prepare you for what to expect in the real world.

Collection of cars

The car collection is one of the most famous car collections in the world today. It contains a variety of different kinds of cars from all over. Here’s a breakdown of the types of vehicles you can choose from. The collection’s cars range from small to large vehicles. There’s a car for every taste in this collection.

Real mechanics

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you put the pedal to the metal with our advanced driving mechanics that feel like the real thing.

Smooth Gaming Experience

Enjoy a smooth gaming experience on your Android device with this new driving academy mod apk unlimited money.


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